Colonna Capper / Corker

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Colonna Capper / Corker

This unique capper / corker works with beer bottles and wine bottles and champagne and Belgain bottles too. Accommodates 12 or 22 oz crown-cap beer bottles, and includes 26 mm and 29 mm bells; also accommodates 187, 375, 750, and 1500 ml wine bottles.

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    Posted by JAMES on 20th Nov 2017

    works better than either capper i've tried b4.

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    Very Impressed

    Posted by Mitch Warner on 27th May 2015

    Exremley efficient capper, nice tight seal every time.

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    Posted by Mitchell on 26th Feb 2015

    First off I ordered this thing on Thursday afternoon and it was on my doorstep by Friday afternoon...WHAT?!?!
    Now for the machine itself: THIS THING IS AWESOME! The night before I was capping with my POS hand capper and it kept breaking bottles and not sealing the caps. So I had to destroy it in a fit of rage! This thing however is effortless and caps perfectly every time. I do 750ml bottles too so it is awesome to have the interchangeable bells. I have wanted to bottle with corks and this does that too! This machine is a thing of beauty and for the price; there is no way it can be beat!

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    Great job on caps

    Posted by Hugh on 7th Nov 2014

    I bought this mostly to cap bottles. The hand held version I was using failed too many times. I have only experimented with the Colonna, but I can't believe the difference. I don't expect to have any more loose caps.

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    Awsome corker and capper

    Posted by Jered on 19th Oct 2014

    I purchased this device knowing i would have to use it as soon as it arrived. I have capped a 5 gal batch of beer and corked a 1 gal batch of wine and it worked flawlessly. Since it doesnt grip the neck of beer bottles there are no more broken bottles. Only problem here is the caps do stick into the capping attachment. You have to weigh out weather you want to,spend 2 min lining up your cap perfectly and still possibly break a bottle or use this capper and spend 2 seconds wiggling a bottle free of its capper attachment. To me the choice was obvious. The,corker is equally awsome. No more spoiled wine with number 8 corks. Number 9's go in with ease. Just remember to soak them in sanitizer before hand and then they are cleaned and the water acts as a lubricant for the cork going into the bottle. Will never use another capper or corker.