1/2" OD Double (Twin) Coil Copper Immersion Coil 50 Feet

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Double Coil (Twin Coil) Copper Immersion Chiller

Cool your 10, 15, or 20 gallons of hot wort faster than ever with a double (twin) coil immersion chiller.  The twin coils place more of the cooling capacity in the center of the hot wort instead of just the outside like a traditional chiller resulting in faster cooling.  This chiller is made in our warehouse.  We can custom build if needed. Copper size is OD measurement. 

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    1/2 " coils

    Posted by Chuck Slack on 30th Jul 2021

    GREAT service and product. GREAT people to do business with

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    Posted by Taig on 15th Apr 2021

    I got the coil with no damage to it. It is 1/2” OD not ID that was a bit of a draw back. But the price was lower than a roll of copper cost at my local plumbing wholesaler. It came in within a week and has worked well for me

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    great chiller

    Posted by Greg on 24th Mar 2021

    cooled 6 gallons of 213 degree wort to 66 degrees in 12 minutes thru ice bath pre coil. won't need ice anymore until summer comes

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    It works as intended

    Posted by Dave on 25th Nov 2020

    After shipping and tax it was $98.01. The coil job was satisfactory, I certainly didn’t want to mess with coiling it... could it have been prettier? Maybe.... it’s 3/8 inside diameter ... 3/8” Sharkbite fitting with male garden hose fittings and a couple of washing machine hoses work good... and I used plastic tie wraps to make spacers, I thought they might melt, but no, they worked well... take one tie rap go around the whole coil loosely, in three or four places, then use one tie rap per coil to make the spacers...

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    1/2" Double coil wort cooler

    Posted by Ron on 28th Jun 2016

    I was going to make my own but can not buy the copper for what they charge. Came securely packed. Used it right away on next brew, cooled 5 gal recipe down from 145 to 90 in 13 minutes. Good bang for your buck.

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    Posted by Inebriated Yayhoo on 16th Jun 2016

    Although you have to buy your own lines and connections (negligible cost), great wort chiller. I run a garden hose from boiling to ~110° and that takes maybe 5-8 minutes, then from there I do a recirculated ice bath with a cheap fountain pump and it will go from 110° to 70° in another 10 minutes.

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    works great

    Posted by Roger Lakin on 17th May 2016

    This thing is sweet pulls the heat right out

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    Works great!

    Posted by Josh on 1st Mar 2016

    Shipping and packaging was standard. Arrived without damage. I ordered female adapters for garden hose separate, one of the ends of copper was slightly warped so I had to use pliers to try and make it rounder so adapter would slide on completely. Only other suggestion is it would be nice if they used wire to keep the distance and shape of the IC coils instead of it being like a slinky...I will have to add that. Otherwise it worked great with ~53 degree faucet water which cooled 5 gal to 70 deg in about 15-20 min's. I looked at making one myself, but the copper alone was the same price as this is so why bother coiling myself?!?

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    good buy

    Posted by Paul Komrowski on 25th Feb 2016

    This will cool a 5 gal batch in less than 10 mins easy, more like 4, it works good on 10 gal batches takes a solid 15 to 20 mins, im up north so our water is cold. I like it, but with it had spacers, I may solder a couple of pieces of copper tube the length to keep the spacing equal.