5 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank with Ball Valve

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5 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank with Ball Valve

5 gallon Igloo hot liquor tank with stainless ball valve.  Heat up your sparge water and put in this hot liquor tank to hold the sparge temperature while you are running off wort from your mash tun into your kettle.  You have a few options for upgrades to this mash tun.

You can also select the option above to add a 3" dial thermometer with a six inch or two probe to the mash tun.  This makes the critical process of monitoring your mash temperature a cinch.  The thermometer is a weldless dial thermometer and is installed just like the valve.  We will drill the Igloo cooler and install thermometer. The thermometer is not included unless selected above.  Our staff highly recommends the thermometer as it is an easy way to keep a close eye on the mash temperature without having to open the lid. 

Your next option is to choose the outlet for the ball valve. You can use a 3/8" or 1/2" barbed fitting or a male or female quick disconnect.

Your final option is to choose the ball valve.  The standard ball valve is made up of a SS valve and a standard 1/2" bulkhead that will attach to the nipple that attaches to the false bottom.  The upgrade to the heavy duty ball valve has the same SS valve but has the heavy duty bulkhead that is easier to install and allows for more secure and leak proof attachment.