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Triple Coil Copper Immersion Chiller

A triple coil chills your hot wort faster than a single or double coil. The triple coil configuration spreads out the cooling capacity to include the center of the hot wort and not just the outside.  Most 50 foot copper immersion chillers are too tall for a 5 gallon batch of home brew.  This left a home brewer with only one option; a single coil of copper that was 25 feet long.  With a triple coil design you can now use 50 feet of 3/8” copper instead of 25 feet and double your cooling capacity dropping your chill time dramatically.  See pictures for dimensions of the chiller.  This chiller is made in the USA with USA copper.

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    Copper tube worked great

    Posted by John Leuenberger on 23rd Mar 2021

    Other than having to figure out how to attach a hose from the copper tubing to the garden hose everything worked great. We chilled 10gallons from boiling to 70F in about half an hour.

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    Best investment

    Posted by Brandon Camacho on 22nd Oct 2020

    Cut my wort chilling time 3 fold. Not too mention i saved a ton of water.

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    Its a copper coil

    Posted by Javan on 31st Dec 2019

    Great product used to cool a one gallon and a 3 gallon batch so far. No problem.

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    Posted by Dale on 26th Jul 2016

    Below 140* fast, 35 minutes to 70* with summer tap water. Compact too. I was going to build a chiller with more wort contact; not nessesary, this unit is all that's needed. Put the tall, old chiller in an ice bucket for lager days.

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    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jun 2016

    First, the description is false... the height of my chiller was 16" in the picture it appears to be 20" so I can use it in my 15 gallon keggle. Overall decent product but I question the longevity.

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    Great chiller

    Posted by Matt on 31st May 2016

    I have a 15gal boil kettle, this sits nicely on the bottom of the pot and reaches just to the top rim, while being completely submerged in about 3.5 gal of liquid and clears the built in thermometer. Cools the wort quickly so no complaints.

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    Noticeably Faster Chill

    Posted by Josh Hamman on 24th May 2016

    Replaced my double coil with this, mostly due to the larger diameter of the double could, it hit my built in thermometer. Very happy with its cooling capacity and performance. Well made, the compression fittings from my old coil fit well on this.
    The only negative was the terribly long shipping time and no information from this seller. I would get this again, but probably won't buy from brewinternational ever again.

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    Great 50" cooler for the price

    Posted by Tim on 9th Jun 2015

    I used this too cool a 5 gallon batch of wort from boiling to 80 degrees. I live draught stricken California, so to conserve water I recirculated the cooling water from a cooler full of ice through the wort chiller. It did the job in about 15 minutes, and would have been faster if I had more ice to add to the cooler toward the end.

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    Works well

    Posted by brewprint on 14th Apr 2015

    This is an upgrade from my 25' x 3/8 chiller. I recently started doing full volume all grain batches instead of the smaller extract batches that require top off water. I needed an upgrade. With my water which is around 60F (currently) I can get it cool to 70F in around 15 minutes as opposed to 30 with my other chiller. For the price this works well.