Ball Lock Corny Keg Rinser

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Ball Lock Corny Keg Rinser

An inexpensive, time-saving assembly for rinsing out your Ball Lock kegs.

You've just finished a keg of your homebrew. Most of us set that keg aside and clean it later when we brew up the next batch. As it sits it gets harder to clean and then we definitely have to disassemble the entire keg to scrub all the parts.  The keg is instantly rinsed while all the residue is still soft.  The keg can then later be soaked with PBW and/or sanitized without having to remove the body connects or poppets.  This saves lots of time. As employees at Learn to Brew saw this simple assembly everybody wanted one of their own. 

To use: Connect the brass garden hose attachment to a garden hose. Then connect the grey and black quick disconnects to the inlet and outlet body connects on your Ball Lock keg.  Remove the lid and  turn the keg upside down or leave upright and let it fill up and overflow. Turn on the water. Water risnes through both the inlet and outlet dip tubes completely rinsing the inside of the keg.


Tubing color may vary from picture.