Fermentis SafAle US-05 11.5 g

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SafAle 05

11.5 grams. Name has been changed from US-56, but same great yeast. A ready-to-pitch dry American ale yeast, SafAle US-05 produces well balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very clean, crisp end palate. Sedimentation: low to medium. Final gravity: medium.

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    Safale US-05, simply the best for ginger beer brewing.

    Posted by Malakkar on 1st Jan 2020

    This yeast is so very tolerant, and so very light on your flavors. While I may have wandered from one yeast to another almost a decade ago, looking for the best yeast for my ginger beer, and various hard ciders I brew, I simply have failed to find any better than this dry yeast.

    My qualifier is that I live in California, so ambient temperature inside is almost always within the prime temperature this yeast wants, 59-74 degrees.

    It's light touch on flavor actually benefits the brews I work with, by adding light citrus notes to them. I will say, I don't like going over 10% ABV, because that light citrus note, often can turn a little on the breadlike side, and the alcohol flavor tone becomes very noticeable.

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    safale05, good price

    Posted by Adam on 2nd Jan 2016

    I've used 05 for IPA's and each brew was slow and controlled fermentation and never needed a blow-off tube. Expect 12-20 hours for activity and I've always hydrated before pitching

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    Awesome deal. Cheaper than more beer

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Dec 2015

    Great price

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    US-05 May 30th 2015

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2015

    This is a great beer yeast. I use it often. The package was padded and the yeast was undamaged. The date was 9/2016.

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    cheap, dry, easy to keep...why not?

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2015

    my go to yeast for most beers because it finished fast and clean