Muntons Maris Otter LME 3.3 lbs

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Maris Otter LME
Malts Maris Otter, Pale Ale
Malt Solids 80-82%
Color¹ <5.1 °Lovibond (<12 EBC)
Specific Gravity²  

Maris Otter is a two-row, winter variety of barley with a strong heritage in the UK brewing industry. After its introduction in the 1960s, it quickly became one of the dominant varieties because of its good malting characteristics, low nitrogen content and forgiving brew-house performance. Maris Otter is still highly regarded in the craft brewing industry, offering the small brewery the opportunity to create beers of unparalleled individuality.

This superb quality pure malt extract is made using only the finest East Anglian Maris Otter barley, malted to perfection by Muntons in the UK. This light liquid malt extract contains a minimum of 60% Maris Otter and makes an ideal base ingredient for any beer recipe. Using this liquid malt extract allows the homebrewer to introduce the unique characteristics of Maris Otter to their beer.

¹ Color figure applies to a mixture of extract with water. Therefore, you may experience a different color, depending on use. 
² Specific Gravity applies to a mixture of 1 lb of extract with 1 gal of water. For 'brewer's points', use the final two digits of the figure.