Pale Ale Malted Barley US

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Pale Ale Malted Barley US
Malt Type: Base
Grain Origin: North America
Wort Color: 3.5 °Lovibond (7.7 EBC)
Protein: 11.7%
Moisture: 4.0% max.
Extract (dry): 80.0% min.
Diastatic Power: 85 °Lintner
Usage: 100% max.

Briess Pale Ale is an American, ale-style base malt. It has a rich malt flavor with hints of biscuit and nut, and contributes a rich, golden color to wort. Made from 2-row barley varieties, Briess Pale Ale has a slightly lower protein content and a slightly higher yield than 6-row base malts. Although its diastatic power is lower than some base malts, it has sufficient enzymes to support the inclusion of even the most demanding specialty malts. It is very versatile can be used as a base malt for any beer style.