White Lab California Ale DRY Yeast

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White Lab California Ale DRY Yeast



  • One of the most trusted, top-selling strains in craft brewing!
  • Ferment almost any style of ale ranging from IPA to Kölsch with this fantastic all-around house strain
  • Produces a clean, dry, balanced beer that accentuates the flavor of malt and hops
  • Dry format is gluten-free and has an extended shelf life compared to liquid—keep on hand and use with confidence!
  • White Labs Yeast has been producing high-quality brewers yeast since 1995 and continues to raise the bar in the art of fermentation

Our top-selling yeast! White Labs California Ale yeast is known for its ability to be used in almost any style Ale. It produces a clean, dry, balanced beer. It also accentuates the flavor of the malt and hops in your homebrew. This strain was the first yeast strain produced by White Labs in 1995. When used in hoppy beers, it accentuates hop flavors and aromas and attenuates well, even for high-gravity beers. This strain can be used in almost any style of ale ranging from IPA to porter and even Kölsch, making it a great all-around house strain. WLP001 is a genetically different strain than other descendants of this classic yeast and many brewers prefer WLP001 over similar variations from other companies.

Top Benefits of White Labs Dry Yeast

  • Performance You Can Rely On.  High live cell count and highly shelf-stable result in consistent fermentation performance with every batch.​​
  • Convenience of Brew Planning.  Extensive shelf life allows you to keep some sachets on hand for your next brew day or in case you ever run into a fermentation issue.  Ensure you have viable yeast ready to go even if you have to reschedule your brew day or encounter unforeseen issues like stuck or slow fermentations.
  • Easy-to-Use.  No rehydration or wort aeration is necessary due to the high sterol content and simple measurements of pitch rate by weight for hassle-free fermentations.
  • Gluten-Free.  Propagated using beet molasses and is 100% gluten-free.
  • Available Anywhere You Brew.  White Labs Yeast will now be available for global brewers who had challenges importing liquid yeast, with straightforward and more affordable delivery in dry format.

Attenuation: 73-85%
Flocculation: Medium
Alcohol Tolerance: 5-10% ABV
Optimum Fermentation Temp: 64-73°F
Cell Count: 150 Billion