Anvil Crucible Conical Fermenter 14 Gallons

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Anvil Crucible Conical Fermenter 14 Gallons

The Anvil Crucible is here! This stainless steel conical fermenter includes many of the features that are used by professional brewers in a brewery setting everyday - and are available to you at a fraction of the cost! The Crucible is stainless steel, the king of brewery materials. Tough, intert and easily sanitized, it is the perfect material for fermentation! The Crucible comes complete with a rotating racking arm and pro-style 1.5 in. tri-clamp bottom dump that allows for sampling during fermentation and dumping yeast and trub. The body is embossed with gallon and liter volume markings that will never wear off, and has sturdy carrying handles for ease of movement. Leg extensions lift the unit high enough off the ground for gravity draining into kegs. This 14 Gallon model is perfect for 10 gallon finished batch sizes. Ferment the pro way with the Anvil Crucible!




  • Available in 7 gal and 14 gal sizes, perfect for 5 and 10 gal finished batch sizes
  • Rotating racking arm is ideal for transferring clear beer, leaving the yeast and sediment behind
  • Pro-style welded 1.5" tri-clamp bottom dump makes dumping sediment and harvesting yeast a snap
  • Embossed level markings (gal and L) will never wear off
  • Sturdy carry handles makes moving your beer safe and easy
  • Protective caps on the legs protects floors and counters
  • Includes liquid crystal thermometer, airlock and stopper
  • Optional cooling systems maintains perfect fermentation temps
  • Optional yeast harvesting kit is perfect for reusing your yeast and saving money!
  • Leg extensions lift the unit high enough to gravity drain into kegs
  • Height- 33.8" (Add 6.25" for airlock and stopper)
  • Width - 21" handle to handle
  • Depth - 16.5" Depth
  • Not Pressure Capable