Anvil Foundary - 10.5 Gallon with recirc pump

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Anvil Foundary - 10.5 Gallon with recirc pump




  • The most complete turnkey all-grain brewing system on the market for the best price
  • 10.5 Gallon vessel size makes it perfect for 5 gallon homebrew batches
  • Runs off standard 110/120v power so you can use it practically anywhere
  • Built-in control panel lets you set and automatically maintain target mash temps within +/- 1 degree
  • Double wall insulation helps get a better boil and to maintain mash temps without the need for a neoprene jacket
  • Included pump kit allows you to recirculate your wort during the mash for improved efficiency and clearer wort


The Foundry is an all-in-one brewing system from Anvil Brewing Equipment that comes with virtually everything you need to brew awesome beer, every time! This is the 10.5 gallon turnkey system that is perfect for making 5 gallon batches.

The included pump kit allows you to recirculate your mash with ease which allows for greater mash efficiency and clearer wort leading into the boil. The pump kit is also external to the body of the vessel (unlike many other all in one systems), so getting to it for cleaning and maintenance is super simple. Also, only silicone tubing is used for the recirculation unlike others that use built in stainless piping which is hard to change out and clogs easily.

One of the coolest features is that it is wired standard for 120v at 1600w power, AND can be easily rewired and switched to 240v running at 2800w power for faster heating and better boils! All you need to do is change out the plug head (which requires a little bit of electrical knowledge), switch the setting on the unit and voila!

The heater itself is an ultra low watt density triple element heater that allows for maximum heat output WITHOUT scorching. It utilizes a linear digital power control allows for superior mash temperature control. The controller allows to you to set a target mash temperature, and the unit will maintain this target temp to within +/- 1 Degree! It also features a delay timer so you can load your water in prior to brew day, and schedule it to start heating up to 24 hours in advance.

The Foundry has a uniquely designed grain basket with 16 lb grain capacity that allows better flow and less chance of a stuck mash than competitors units. The size of the grain basket gives you the flexibility to incorporate a sparge step in your mash OR just skip it all together and go with no sparge brew in a bag style method.

Lastly, the system even comes with a stainless steel immersion chiller, tubing and connections, An awesome all-inclusive all-grain brewing system at a great price!


  • 10.5 gallon vessel size makes it perfect for 5 gallon homebrew batches.
  • Set and automatically maintain your mash temps to within +/- 1 Degree.
  • Controller can be set on a delay so you can load your water in prior to brew day, and schedule it to start heating up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Switchable Between 120V 1600W and 240V 2800W for Faster Heating & Better Boils.
  • Unique High Flow Grain Basket with 150% More Perforations to Virtually Eliminate Stuck Mashes.
  • 16 lb. capacity grain basket allows you to do most styles of all-grain beers.
  • Rotating racking arm allows for sediment free transfers.
  • Large Capacity Increases Efficiency and Grain Capacity.
  • Double Wall Insulation Maintains Mash Temps and Increases Heating Speeds.
  • Ultra Low Watt Density, Triple Element Heaters - Won't Scorch.
  • Linear Digital Power Control and Solid-State Switching for Fine Tuning your Boil.
  • Turbo 500 Distillation Ready.
  • Includes High Capacity Stainless Immersion Chiller with Hoses & Fittings.
  • External Pump Won't Plug and is Easy to Clean. No Need to Disassemble Entire Unit! Use for Other Pumping Needs too.


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    Posted by Tommy Clark on 28th Feb 2022

    So far, I have brewed two beers in my AF and I am very happy. I upgraded from the cooler-style all-grain brewing. This system is flawless. I love how easy it is to keep a spec. temp. Easy to clean, easy to operate.